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Use the crank.
Find the rhythm!

Loituma Girl Playdate brings the old-time popular internet flash animation (Leekspin) to your Playdate.

Mental health warning: It's weird, but it can be addictive.

For more information about this Internet phenomena, check Wikipedia.
Note: You need a Playdate console (or simulator) to launch this app.

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(13 total ratings)
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Tagsbleatch, crank, girl, leekspin, levan, loituma, loituma-girl, pacolabs, play-date, Playdate
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the amount of hours i have in this game is unhealthy

Fun and silly (but still fun!) little game. 

One thing - why is there some glitch blinking between frame changes? 

Thank you !

There should not be any special glitches other than the display of a different frame.

I’ve seen a video with the app running on the device and could not notice any special glitches (https://youtu.be/DbHUVkHqEHM)

However, I should receive the device soon (group 2) and I’ll finally be able to check if everything works as expected or not.

It's seen on the video. The screen flickering some times on the girl breast zone

All right, I’ll check that when I have the playdate !

Hi, latest 1.05 version should fix the issue ! 🙂


Now it's perfect! Thanks!!

This is the very first game I purchased for my Playdate and I am so satisfied with that choice! Seems simple and silly, but it's addictive and relaxing.

It sometimes crashes the Playdate though, if I start the app with the crank stowed. I have sent a crash report from the system settings afterwards, I assume it goes to the Playdate people, maybe they can help give you more information.


You're not the first to report the issue, and I was hoping it would be fixed with the newer versions of the Playdate OS and game.

Being in group 2, I still don't have the playdate to try to reproduce the problem (It does not happen with the simulator) , but as soon as I have it, I will investigate.

Also, hopefully your crash report will help the playdate team to fix the problem (I suspect it is a system issue, and not something I can fix in my game)

Hi, latest 1.05 version should fix the issue ! 🙂


I cried. Thank you

Hello! The app crashes on the latest Playdate update. Thank you.


Thanks for reporting the problem.

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce a crash on the latest 1.12.2 simulator (I still don't have a real playdate yet).

- Where does it crash exactly (after which action) ? 

- Is there an error message displayed ?

- Was it working correctly before you install the playdate update ?

- Can you confirm that your playdate OS is the latest 1.12.2 (this is visible in the Settings/System/Device info screen). I think 1.12.1 had some issues.

(With more info, I might be able to spot the problem)

Thank you.

Sorry for the false alarm: I deleted and reinstalled your app on the latest 1.12.2 and now it's working. Wondering if it had an old instance of it still running, thus requiring a reinstall on the new OS? Either way, it's working again now!

That's good to know. Thanks for the feedback!

I have to say, I have no idea why this was necessary (sounds like a system issue that only the playdate team would understand).

Hi, latest 1.05 version should fix the issue ! 🙂

(the problem could appear when the crank was slowly taken out the slot)


Cute and fun, it was the perfect intro to the Playdate for some friends and family!


The perfect absurd app, and now it makes me want a music maker game like Mario Paint but with the crank being the speed control for playback.  Thanks for the laughs!

Thank you 🙂


This is silly. And it's wonderful, and I love it.

This is exactly the kind of stuff I was hoping to see from the Playdate, and it makes me want to learn how to make little things like this.

I can pretend to be that Song of Storms guy from OoT, but with Ievan Polkaa. All my friends I've showed this to got a big dumb smile on their face.

Thanks for making such a rad thing!

ha ha , thank you for your very kind  message! 🙂

Trying to start this game up crashed my console so bad I had to force restart the whole thing :P


someone mentioned that starting the app  with the crank out, would prevent a crash like this. 

Without the device I cannot investigate the issue but I’ll do as soon as I have it (I’m in group 2)


Fair enough :P


Hi, can you please try the latest 1.04 version and see if you still have the issue ?

I'm using the latest SDK so the problem might be fixed.

Thank you !

Hi, latest 1.05 version should fix the issue ! 🙂


Went hands on with it and honestly, it's pretty rad to have a song/video be scrubbed through via the crank. I know it's for the memes but you def made something interesting and unique! Thank you for that.

Thank you very much for your nice message and video review !

I'm getting the error message "The buildNumber field is missing from pdxinfo" when I try to sideload the game to my device.

Thank you for reporting the problem and sorry for that!

You can download the new 1.02 version which should sideload correctly.

The new version sideloads, launches and leekspins on my Playdate. Thanks for responding and fixing it so fast!

great, thanks for the feedback !

Hi elion, I saw your rating about Playroll and I'm sorry about the situation. Can you contact me at contact@pacolabs.com, so I can see how I can help ?

Thank you.

Do you think you could share the source code? I'm curious as to how you did the music speeding up and slowing back down


Hi, with the high level Lua API it is very basic.
I'm using the playdate.sound.sampleplayer:setRate(rate) method that I call in playdate.update(). I compute the rate according to the average crank speed derived from the playdate.getCrankChange() change value.


cool, thanks for the response. I must have missed that function when reading the docs

Isn't API a wonderful thing? xD


Hey there! Extremely excited to play this (leekspin is very nostalgic for me lol), but it looks like it doesn't work via sideloading through the play.date website. It has the common "pdxinfo is missing bundleID" problem.

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Thanks a lot for letting me know !
I've just uploaded a new version with the missing information.
Can you please try if it works ?

Had the same problem as them but it now works properly on an actual playdate! Thank you, cranking in rhythm to the song is very satisfying lol. If I had any suggestion it would be to make it louder if possible, the song is kind of quiet compared to other things at the same volume on the playdate. Thanks again!


Thank you !
You are right, there was a sound problem with the left channel being too low. The problem is fixed now in the latest (1.01) uploaded version.

Thanks for updating it so quickly! I can also confirm that it's now fixed, and it's great! :) Thanks for making such a fun little thing to mess around with.

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Thank you :)

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I just downloaded it today and I’m getting this issue.

EDIT: I fixed it by manually editing the pdxinfo to have the “buildNumber” value.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for reporting the problem and sorry for that!

(i made a fix in  1.02 version if needed)

This field did not seem mandatory, but apparently it was :)

Fyi, the system seems to lock /freeze the whole device (requiring holding down the power button to crash reboot) if the game is launched with the crank holstered (I assume you’re trying to read a value and get null or something).

(2 edits) (+1)

Thank you.

Here are the limits of not having the real device yet :)

I've just added in version 1.03 a check preventing to read the crank values if the crank is docked. 

Hopefully this will fix the issue !